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Established in 2018, Bridging Networks has been delivering value to our global clients for the past 6 years in the field of Web3.

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Milton Guarderas

Founder & CEO of Bridging Networks
Co-founder of Blockpro & Blockpro Media

Milton Guarderas is the visionary founder of Bridging Networks, renowned for his expertise in the Alternative Finance and Web 3 sectors. With an impressive background spanning over six years as a blockchain consultant and advisor, Milton has become a pivotal figure in shaping the landscape of digital finance. His deep understanding of blockchain technology, coupled with practical insights into its applications and the dynamics of the ecosystem, enables him to provide valuable strategic guidance to some of the industry’s top entities.

A highly respected authority in the field, Milton is regularly invited to share his knowledge and perspectives at premier global industry events. His speeches not only highlight the latest trends but also delve into the complexities of blockchain, making him a sought-after speaker for his ability to demystify sophisticated topics and forecast industry shifts.Under his leadership, Bridging Networks has grown into a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide, helping them navigate the challenges of modern finance and technology landscapes.

Milton's foresight and dedication to the advancement of digital finance continue to drive the success of Bridging Networks and cement his status as a leading figure in the global Web 3 community.

Robert Green

Co-Founder & CBO of Bridging Networks
Co-founder of Blockpro & Blockpro Media

Robert Green serves as the Chief Business Officer at Blockpro Defi Banking Solutions, where he brings a sharp acumen and nearly a decade of expertise in business structures. Specializing in wealth management and the formation and operation of trusts, Robert has a profound understanding of the intricacies of financial stewardship and asset protection.

His forward-thinking approach allows him to see beyond conventional strategies, recognizing the transformative solutions that Web 3 technologies can offer to the wealth management industry.

Robert's innovative mindset and deep knowledge make him a key asset to Bridging Networks. He has been instrumental in the companies collaborative effort integrating cutting-edge blockchain applications into traditional wealth management practices, thereby enhancing service offerings and providing clients with advanced, secure, and efficient financial solutions.

His vision and leadership continue to propel Bridging Networks to the forefront of the industry, making it a leading entity in leveraging technology to manage and grow wealth.

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Bridging Networks does not custody client funds nor do we invest client funds.