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At Bridging Networks, we leverage our expertise in the Web3 space to assist businesses in seamlessly transitioning from Web2.0 to Web3.0. Founded in 2018, we have been successfully aiding companies and organizations around the world for over half a decade resolving their Web3-related challenges.

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"Milton helped me grow Growth BTM on so many levels. He's a great mentor, consultant, businessman, and friend. He's very talented and knows a lot of important people in he crypto space. I'm honored and gad to know him and work with him."

“I met Milton in Hollywood, California. He is a very enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking person which connected me to some great elite people and investors. A true Entrepreneur with an honset soul who I highly recommend to work with. Milton's real-life connections are powerful and I simply guarantee to anybody who has the chance to get in touch with Milton to be ready for success.”

“Me as the Co Founder of Ecox met and worked with Milton Guarderas together in projects in Dubai. He is an amazing personality to work with him gave me a super high value in my work in the blockchain project that we partner up but not only this he is a top networker that brings the right people together in the right projects. Him as an advisor and as an partner i just can recommend Milton worldwide. Also as an international speaker i met in him many countries around the world to have him is a partner and as an advisor gave my work a high value. Looking forward to work with him in many new projects that is giving us this amazing network worldwide.....Thanks...”

“Milton named Bridging Networks well, as its Founder is the quintessential Connector from Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point. Yet Milton is more than just a great connector as he is also a trustworthy friend with the empathy to understand and to care about people, challenges, and opportunities from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life.”

“I’m very thankful for this call with Milton. He not only shared his knowledge with me but also his experience about the crypto space and gave me a step-by-step plan on how to be successful in the upcoming bull run. He made me aware of not getting fomo’d by the space and the Bullrun and to just be patient which for me personally is very important. Milton is an incredible guy that is extremely smart and at the same time cares about the people around him. He really took the time to answer all of my questions which I appreciate a lot. Great consultancy! I’m glad that I could talk to him.”

“I am grateful to collaborate with Milton, a leader who inspires us to dream, do and create more. His winning mentality has broken my mental ceilings and his strategic and intelligent approach is reflected in his actions. What I admire most about him are his values ​​and vision, as well as his patience and dedication to teaching others. It is a great blessing to know him and learn from him to build companies that sustain themselves.” (Translated from Spanish)

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Bridging Networks does not custody client funds nor do we invest client funds.

At The Forefront Of Web 3: Our International Expertise

At Bridging Networks, we are more than consultants; we are active participants and thought leaders in the global Web 3 community. Our extensive involvement spans countless discussions around the world, covering groundbreaking topics such as Web 3, fintech, Bitcoin, the Metaverse, augmented reality, and alternative finance. Our team has not only attended some of the most exclusive events globally but has also taken center stage as speakers, sharing insights and leading dialogues on the future of technology.

Reliable Information

Our commitment goes beyond participation.
We pride ourselves on our dedication to learning directly from the pioneers shaping our digital future. This hands-on approach allows us to absorb cutting-edge knowledge firsthand and bring back invaluable insights to our clients.
By fostering relationships with innovators and leaders across continents, we have curated a robust network that keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

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Simplifying Web 3

At Bridging Networks, our strength lies in our ability to distill complex information into clear, actionable insights. This is where we truly excel. Our hands-on workshops are meticulously designed to maximize every minute. We focus on answering your specific questions and ensuring that you receive precisely what you need. With our targeted approach, we deliver relevant information in a format that is easy to understand and implement. Experience the Bridging Networks difference, where clarity meets efficiency.

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Bridging Networks does not custody client funds nor do we invest client funds.